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🗓️ 31 March 2023 AOE


Hypertext is at its 34th edition this year and plenty of water has flowed under the bridge since its first edition in 1987.

In such a long history, many things have developed, including its scientific communities and its topics of interest.

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Elon mocking an employee with muscular dystrophy who was just trying to understand his situation is just peak entitlement and cruelty. WTH 😢

Hello folks! While my latest little project isn't strictly visualization or accessibility related, I wrote a micro-paper on my latest idea: The Micro-Paper! 🎉

I hope that this idea at least gets a conversation going about how research papers are too expensive but (non-archival) social media is to unreliable for disseminating and iterating on little ideas! There has to be a better way that allows us to keep citational integrity but still pursue cheap ideas.

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The BBC have branded Prince Harry's new memoir Spare "The weirdest book ever written by a royal".

Which is a great excuse to tell you that in 1597 King James VI & I published the Daemonologie, a book on necromancy, black magic, and how to find, test, and punish witches.

Remember when airlines were bumping passengers right and left? Was a news thing just a few years ago.

Then Congress got involved. Airlines now bid very high before bumping. I’ve not heard of a traditional bump since. Someone always cracks when the payoff goes into the thousands. And airlines hate to pay, so they plan better.

Some things do improve. It’s not 100% hopeless. #politics

The 27" Apple display does provide some more space to think! Almost like VR in scale, though of course no third dimension. It was working in VR which really showed me how more space helps.

"But language — how it’s generated, what it means — is about to get very contentious. We’re already disoriented by the chatbots we’ve got. The technology that’s coming will be even more ubiquitous, powerful, and destabilizing. A prudent citizen, Bender believes, might choose to know how it works."

HT @ct_bergstrom this profile of Emily Bender is *amazing*. From now on we should call #AI, #SALAMI (Systematic Approaches to Learning Algorithms and Machine Inferences).

The right is going bonkers over walkable cities.

Do they ever enter the city? Maybe they fear this would make cities more attractive to their young.


I'm surprised the European space agency hasn't joined the #fediverse yet. In fact, many agencies haven't jumped on to the bandwagon yet which is a shame.

Classical Dad Joke of the Day:

An Ancient Roman
walks into a bar,
holds up two fingers:
"Five beers please."


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thinking about eastgate tinderbox, the spatial note taking app from before note taking apps

$250 for a license. first release in 2000. they've been in the hypertext fiction business since 1987.

Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.

-Aaron Swartz

Nearly 20 years ago, I gave the commencement address for the Communication Dept (which included journalism):


"If your calling is journalism, you enter the job market at the same time that that the long and honorable history of American journalism is traveling through the digestive tract of the disinfotainment industry," declared writer Howard Rheingold in his recent commencement speech at Stanford University.


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