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"But language — how it’s generated, what it means — is about to get very contentious. We’re already disoriented by the chatbots we’ve got. The technology that’s coming will be even more ubiquitous, powerful, and destabilizing. A prudent citizen, Bender believes, might choose to know how it works."

HT @ct_bergstrom this profile of Emily Bender is *amazing*. From now on we should call #AI, #SALAMI (Systematic Approaches to Learning Algorithms and Machine Inferences).

The right is going bonkers over walkable cities.

Do they ever enter the city? Maybe they fear this would make cities more attractive to their young.


I'm surprised the European space agency hasn't joined the #fediverse yet. In fact, many agencies haven't jumped on to the bandwagon yet which is a shame.

Classical Dad Joke of the Day:

An Ancient Roman
walks into a bar,
holds up two fingers:
"Five beers please."


RT @crystalcultures
thinking about eastgate tinderbox, the spatial note taking app from before note taking apps

$250 for a license. first release in 2000. they've been in the hypertext fiction business since 1987.

Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.

-Aaron Swartz

Nearly 20 years ago, I gave the commencement address for the Communication Dept (which included journalism):


"If your calling is journalism, you enter the job market at the same time that that the long and honorable history of American journalism is traveling through the digestive tract of the disinfotainment industry," declared writer Howard Rheingold in his recent commencement speech at Stanford University.


You’ve never considered yourself a strong advocate of LGBTQ+ rights? Have never known much about the situation of trans people, about trans rights in America? Many of us haven’t! But now is the time. Because it’s not “their” fight, it’s our fight: For a truly democratic society.

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Lesser known Apple Watch Workouts:
Putting on a New Duvet Cover. 🛏️

President Carter was the first President I ever got to vote for. I always wondered how such a compassionate, selfless, decent man was ever elected to the Oval Office of this hateful, racist, sexist country. Of course, we paid for him w/ that gargoyle Reagan—just as we paid for Obama w/ the Mango Mussolini. This country will not abide decency—it’s always punished. Severely. Profoundly.

My heart is heavier than usual today. #JimmyCarter, you’ll be greatly missed.

This is brilliant data-infused journalism:

Washington Post correlates terrible credit scores in the U.S. South with the refusal of state governments to expand federally funded Medicaid, creating vast amounts of medical debt and bankruptcies.

Republican ideologues have made their states even poorer, and their citizens far worse off in all kinds of ways. This is one of them.

Of course, they're proud of it.

Remember, every day is “the good old days” to your future self.

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