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We *can* and *should* argue about what intelligence is.

Are you Yale-school? Are you Hofstadter-ist? Are you Penrose-ian, Searle-ian?

Let's get to it!

But this is not a "moving goalposts" issue.

I don't know if anything would. I *think* something would. But I don't think Markov chains would.

The quality of care, the patience and empathy I’ve gotten from young (especially female) doctors and nurses is beyond anything I’ve gotten from old doctors. It gives me hope to see a new generation that is more curious, less authoritarian, less weird about having to treat the autistic tranny who’s googled her symptoms. It fully makes up for a lack of experience!

Asking for my PhD:

What are issues with PDF metadata over time?

Have you got experience with issues where it might get stripped or distorted?

I never knew I had SUCH overlap with the security / resilience philosophy. I’m in violent agreement with this whole talk #LeadDevNYC

DeSantis is punishing the Hyatt Regency Miami for hosting a Drag Christmas ball back in December. He’s actually taken away its liquor license.

DeSantis is out of control, obsessed with oppressing freedom and gender identity expression and willing to abuse state power to do it.

Once, early in Panic history, we met with Steve Jobs (and Phil!) in the big Apple conference room. We were nervous children, but it was a critical life moment. The feelings are all right there still. I'm still so grateful for it.

I remember him saying two things to us. First, "Your marketing is fantastic", which, you know, melted my head into liquid. Second, "Panic is really good at doing a lot with a little".

I look at our Catalog launch and think… we've still got it!?! What a lucky journey.

Sky Sports underlining the total hypocrisy of the BBC on the MOTD debacle.

Scenario: A refugee enters the UK without papers {he had them, but were lost) and he’s denied asylum from war. His application is denied. He goes to America instead where he is accepted.

This is Sunak’s plan.

This actually happened in 1933. That man was Albert Einstein.

This is an interesting read, about the major problems facing #science (according to a few hundred scientists):

1) Academia has a huge money problem
2) Too many studies are poorly designed
3) Replicating results is crucial, but rare
4) Peer review is broken
5) Too much science is locked behind paywalls
6) Science is poorly communicated
7) Life as a young academic is incredibly stressful

I've slowly been enjoying this (157 page monster):

In search for an alternative to the computer metaphor of the mind and brain.

It's set up in a clever way, with different authors making the case for different metaphors. I'm not sure if any of the authors are here? Either way, I'd love to hear thoughts, including what strikes you as the most (or least) convincing "new" metaphors.

Hello world! Elon Musk picking a twitter fight with Icelandic philanthropist and man of the year 2022 Haraldur Thorleifsson ended up being the final push that we needed, so now we are here on Mastodon. We don't know how any of this works, but follow us for posts on vision science, cognitive psychology, cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience, and stupid memes #VisionScience #CognitivePsychology #CognitiveScience #CognitiveNeuroscience #StupidMemes #ThanksForPointingOutHashtagsInComments


Regular papers Submission Deadline:

🗓️ 31 March 2023 AOE


Hypertext is at its 34th edition this year and plenty of water has flowed under the bridge since its first edition in 1987.

In such a long history, many things have developed, including its scientific communities and its topics of interest.

Read more:

Elon mocking an employee with muscular dystrophy who was just trying to understand his situation is just peak entitlement and cruelty. WTH 😢

Hello folks! While my latest little project isn't strictly visualization or accessibility related, I wrote a micro-paper on my latest idea: The Micro-Paper! 🎉

I hope that this idea at least gets a conversation going about how research papers are too expensive but (non-archival) social media is to unreliable for disseminating and iterating on little ideas! There has to be a better way that allows us to keep citational integrity but still pursue cheap ideas.

RT @BadWritingTakes
The BBC have branded Prince Harry's new memoir Spare "The weirdest book ever written by a royal".

Which is a great excuse to tell you that in 1597 King James VI & I published the Daemonologie, a book on necromancy, black magic, and how to find, test, and punish witches.

Remember when airlines were bumping passengers right and left? Was a news thing just a few years ago.

Then Congress got involved. Airlines now bid very high before bumping. I’ve not heard of a traditional bump since. Someone always cracks when the payoff goes into the thousands. And airlines hate to pay, so they plan better.

Some things do improve. It’s not 100% hopeless. #politics

The 27" Apple display does provide some more space to think! Almost like VR in scale, though of course no third dimension. It was working in VR which really showed me how more space helps.

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